Comstar Super Heat 8-in-1 Fuel Oil Treatment


The Only 8-in-1 Fuel Oil & Diesel Treatment

ComStar’s Super Heat has been the choice of professionals for over 45 years! Only Super Heat provides 8 treatments in 1. Diesel fuel treatments provide many benefits for homeowners. Over time, build-up from carbon, water, and other impurities are nearly inevitable for home fuel tanks. Carbon build-up in the tank’s nozzle decreases its heating efficiency. Water commonly finds its way into fuel tanks as well. When untreated, this can result in bacterial growth and rust. As the rust builds up, it becomes sludge, which causes many issues for the tank’s filtration system and ability to provide heat. For homes located in areas with harsh winters, gelling is bound to happen. In temperatures below freezing, the tank’s fuel will begin to crystalize into a gel consistency that can clog and damage the tank. By using Super Heat on a regular basis, you can eliminate all problems relating to cold weather, combustion efficiency, and carbon buildup with just one product! Use 8 oz. with each refill of 275 gallons of fuel.


  1. Melts ice to provide a cleaner burn
  2. Lowers pour point in fuel tanks
  3. Controls waxing and jelling
  4. Eliminates water for heating oil
  5. Dissolves sludge that builds up in the tank
  6. Cleans strainers, filters and nozzles
  7. Reduces soot build-up by 50%
  8. Reduces bacteria breeding ground (water)

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