Foam sealant for use as a filler, sealer, and adhesive for a variety of exterior applications. Retains its dispensed color and blends naturally into the landscape. Positions and affixes rocks, decorative block, and capstones in landscaping projects. Directs water flow in pond and waterfall applications and is safe for fish and plants. Helps repair rot and damage to trees. Seals gaps and voids in tie walls and fills holes and gaps under concrete porches. Paintable and easy to trim. Bonds quickly to porous and nonporous rock, stone, cement, wood, and cloth. Fill gap no more than 1/3 full, allowing room for expansion. Foam is tack free in 30 minutes and cures in about 4 hours. Dispense by connecting straw to adapter. Can may be restarted for up to 3 weeks. UL classified. Black color. 12 oz. can.

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