Crc Industries Sta-Lube® Moly-Graph® Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease, 14 Wt Oz

Crc Industries

STA-LUBE® MOLY-GRAPH® Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease by CRC is a top choice in general purpose grease. CRC offers industry leading protection by pairing graphite and "moly" - short for molybdenum, which boasts the third highest melting point of all metals. This pairing provides consistent protection at multiple levels of high temperatures and workload.

This high quality, practical lithium grease product has industry applications including automotive, mining, water management, and aviation. Sprocket, idler, roller, pillow block and wheel bearings are just a few targets that require greater wear resistance, due to constant metal contact. These high stress applications are ideal for a lithium based extreme pressure grease, as the petroleum centered formula better withstands the heat and stress of high impact systems.

Extreme Environments Need Extreme Grease
What is extreme pressure grease intended for? With a drop point of 350 degrees F, MOLY-GRAPH® offers a high temp brake grease for use in a variety of vehicles where traditional grease doesn’t stand up to the challenge. Using an extreme pressure grease is not only important on brakes. It's the perfect solution for door tracks, heavy machinery, any metal-on-metal joints, and stationary equipment with moving parts found in industrial factory settings. Military armor, electrical contacts, and aircraft parts showcase some of the highest stress applications suitable for lithium based lubricating grease.

The Right Formula for the Job
Inside each MOLY-GRAPH® lithium grease tube is a formula comprised of a lithium-12 base complimented by molybdenum. What are the main characteristics of molybdenum? This transitional metal is often used as an alloy or powdered additive, thanks to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures without softening or changing shape. Lubricating with moly infused grease delivers high corrosion resistance and is ideal in extending the lifespan of bearings and joints.

Lithium Grease vs. Silicone Grease
Silicone based grease is commonly used in low temperature, low stress environments where plastic and rubber exist. Lithium, or lithium soap-based grease, has good stability, water resistance and higher temperature thresholds, ideal for more extreme conditions and heavy leads. This research led CRC to offer MOLY-GRAPH®, the strongest extreme pressure, or EP, grease with all-purpose lithium grease applications.

Strength and Durability
Producing a high quality moly ep grease doesn't stop at the initial tests. A Timken OK load of 45 lb. means a stronger bond between components, with the mix of lithium and molybdenum improving wear resistance and promoting a longer service life of metal surfaces and components. Graphite shines as a key ingredient, by fighting corrosion and oxidation: consequences of water and dirt exposure. These situations are exactly what CRC had in mind for this extreme pressure grease. For the toughest jobs in the harshest environments, STA-LUBE® MOLY-GRAPH® Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease will take care of the bearings and joints for smooth operation. So, the job is the main focus.

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