FPPF Killem Fuel Oil Biocide Kills Bacteria


Kill bacteria and slime in your fuel on contact with FPPF Killem. Killem is a water soluble, EPA-registered product to be used as a biocide. It controls the growth of harmful microorganisms, bacteria and fungi in all oils and refined fuels including gasoline. It reduces tank corrosion, slime mats, odors, fuel oil filter deposits and plugging, vehicle fuel tank deposits and corrosion, fuel-water separator deposits, injector plugging, excess carbon deposits and exhaust gas smoke. Killem can be used in marinas, diesel fuel storage depots, auxiliary diesel generators, home fuel, railroad diesel and other users of hydrocarbon fuels exposed to storage, humidity or contamination. If your fuel sits, it will grow bacteria. Kill ’em all with Killem.  Also registered with each State.

Product Features:

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