FPPF Melt Down Sos Emergency Fuel Treatment for Gelled Fuels

FPPF Chemical Company

Gelled fuel can cause significant, sudden downtime. In that case, you need a product that works quickly and powerfully. FPPF Melt Down SOS is a specially formulated emergency road treatment. Melt Down SOS dissolves gelled fuel back into solution and returns the flow in approximately 20 minutes. It’s the most effective product of its kind on the market but should only be used in emergency situations. For preventative maintenance in applications using diesel fuel use either FPPF Total Power or FPPF Polar Power. For applications involving home heating oil, heating oil or bunker fuels use FPPF HOT All in 1. As strong as Melt Down SOS is, it does not harm fuel pumps, nozzles or any pre-combustion engine components. Get back up and running with FPPF Melt Down SOS.

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