Super S® Supersyn Synthetic Tc-W3 2-Cycle Outboard Oil 16 oz.

Super S

Super S SuperSyn Outboard 2-Cycle Marine Oil is a full synthetic, high-flash, ashless 2-cycle engine oil formulated to meet the requirements of most modern 2-cycle outboard and snowmobile high RPM engines. It is formulated for use in both premix and oil injected systems. SuperSyn Outboard is especially designed for exceptional performance in marine applications. It meets the warranty and service recommendations of most leading 2-cycle outboard motor manufacturers where TC-W3 oil is specified. SuperSyn Outboard is certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) as an approved NMMA TC-W3 lubricant. It reduces wear, ring sticking, piston burning, spak plug fouling and port blocking.

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